Honey Bees Facts

  • "Approximately 1/3 of all the food americans eat is directly or indirectly derived from honey bee pollination.
  • Hives consist of one Queen, Drones, Worker Bees.

  • On average worker bees last only 6-8 weeks in the summer.
  • During this time their average honey production 1/12 teaspoon.

Our bees are small cell bees.

"We use our own  wax that has been recycled and cleaned and printed.

Advantages to small cell Honey Bees

  • Small cell bees are more resistant to trachea mites due to there small size. 
  • Small cell bees generally emerge 2 day sooner than larger bees which help with varroa mites, controlling the life cycle of the mites, lessening infestation.